Educating & Protecting Our Children For A Better America

Education is one of the most important investments we can provide for our children, and it shouldn’t be limited to the wealthy. Currently, only 10% of state school funding comes from the federal government; the rest comes from various state and local taxes such as lottery, income, and property taxes. Missouri is at the bottom in the nation for school funding, and it is imperative that we invest in our future to help Missouri thrive once more. Increasing pay for our teachers goes hand in hand with school funding, as our teachers are paid much less than most in every state as well (ranked 49th in teacher salaries and 50th in new teacher salaries), with many of them forced to take on a second job as a result. A well-funded school does no good unless it can recruit well-paid teachers. Eliminating the school voucher program in Missouri can help invest that money back into the public school system where it belongs instead of subsidizing private schools, which can discriminate against applicants at will and is in violation of the Missouri Constitution. We have the power to help make a difference in our kids lives by providing the funding and teachers that can inspire them to greatness!

Keeping Government Out Of Our Healthcare Decisions

The overturning of Roe was the wrong decision for our country, founded on freedom. The horrible Supreme Court decision left the states to enact their own laws that now strip women and families of their reproductive freedom. Within minutes of the ruling, Missouri became the first state to ban abortion. Now, victims of harsh restrictions on women and families include forced births upon children who were raped and pregnant women forced to carry unviable fetuses that risk their lives, health, and reproductive futures. Now lawmakers are increasingly making it even harder for women and families to access reproductive services. Contraceptives, preventive pelvic exams, STI screenings, and more are being defunded, causing excess health deficits that overrun our emergency rooms across the state. IVF treatments for couples desperately trying to start a family are in jeopardy, with current lawmakers left unchecked and making laws based on their personal religious beliefs and not science and freedom. I will vote for a Missouri where life and family decisions remain with those families and their doctors.

Standing With Unions & Fighting For Workers Rights

All across America, people are hurting as the cost of living has increased due to rising GREEDflation and supply chain issues, while worker wages have remained stagnant. Although the federal minimum wage hasn’t changed since 2009, many states have improved over the years, including Missouri, which currently sits at $12.30. But I know we can and must do better to get closer to an actual living wage for everyone. Supporting unions is paramount to workers success as well, as these organizations exist specifically to fight for the rights of workers and their well-being. Right to Work has made it difficult to form or join a union and diminished the collective bargaining power that current unions have. We must do everything we can to support hard-working people and ensure we don’t get left behind!

Support Healthcare & Medical Institutions

Our Healthcare Heroes were put to the test during the pandemic as they faced a never-before-seen onslaught of patients, with the majority working long hours for days and weeks on end. This hardship has decimated their workforce, as the toll was just too great for many. Now we face the challenge of rebuilding their numbers, which we can do by supporting current and creating new training programs to help reduce those shortages. Protecting and bolstering the Medicare/Medicaid expansion recently passed by voters is integral to our healthcare institutions across the state by providing care for the elderly, uninsured, and underserved population. It is our duty to ensure everyone has access to quality and affordable healthcare when they need it most.

Gun Violence Legislation while Protecting the 2nd Amendment makes Gun-Sense

The rights afforded us by the 2nd Amendment are near and dear to the majority of Missourians, myself included. But just letting anyone at any age carry guns without proper training is dangerous and wrong. We need stricter guidelines in Missouri to protect our children and to make sure that only those who are qualified can access these weapons. By creating programs that train individuals in the proper use, care, storage, and handling of guns, we will help decrease incidental mishaps. Legislation that restricts firearms capable of mass casualties tells our kids that we care enough to do the right thing. As the Show Me State, it is up to us to use common sense and show the rest of the country the right way to support the 2nd Amendment.

Preserving Democracy by Protecting the Vote

Honest and effective voting practices have been at the heart of many debates for years now. There is not a single Missourian who would want anything less than a free and fair election. We have the ability to ensure every eligible voter has their voice heard with 1 Person 1 Vote. By assuring our citizens that all voting machines are properly checked and tested prior to voting and by verifying only one vote per individual, we can restore the people’s faith in the integrity of our election system. At the same time, lawmakers in our state are trying to restrain our voices by requiring a majority vote in 82 districts to approve amendments. This would make it possible for as little as 20% of voters to determine the outcome of any ballot measure. This effectively neuters the state majority vote that has been in place since 1846. We must protect our democracy at all costs, as it is vital to preserving the American way!