Amanda Taylor for Missouri House of Representatives District 103

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Amanda Taylor Candidate for Missouri House of Representatives District 103

Dear Fellow Missourians,

I am Amanda Taylor, and I am running for office because our beloved state of Missouri is facing critical challenges that demand immediate attention and decisive action. As a proud resident who has seen the fabric of our community strained by misguided policies and neglect, I am compelled to step up and be a voice for positive change.

One of the urgent issues we face is the systematic dismantling of our state by lawmakers who prioritize short-term gains over long-term prosperity. Missouri is being stripped for its parts, with vital resources and opportunities being squandered for political expediency. This shortsighted approach is not only detrimental to our economy but also erodes the very foundation of our state’s future.

Furthermore, the ongoing defunding of education in Missouri is alarming. We currently rank 49th in education funding and 50th for new teacher salary, a disgraceful position that undermines the potential of our students and educators. Every child deserves access to quality education, and I am committed to fighting for adequate funding and support for our schools.

Equally concerning is Missouri’s status as the first state to ban abortion, a decision that infringes on women’s rights to make their own medical decisions and violates their privacy. It is unacceptable for politicians to interfere with such personal matters, and I will champion women’s rights to healthcare choices and autonomy.

Moreover, attempts to change the constitution in ways that undermine the principle of one person, one vote must be resisted. Every voter’s voice matters, and we must ensure that our democratic processes remain fair, transparent, and accessible to all.

My campaign is about standing up for the values and priorities that truly matter to Missourians. Together, we can build a brighter future for our state, where every individual is respected, every child has a chance to thrive, and every voice is heard.

Join me in this journey towards a better Missouri, where we put PEOPLE OVER POLITICS.

Warm regards,

Amanda Taylor